Here's What Other's Are Saying:

"Brittany is the most amazing woman and trainer! She will make you sweat, sweat, cry, laugh, dream all in one class. She will give you the steepest climb and blood-pulsing workout disguised as a party in the club with your best friends. With Brittany you feel you can roll over any obstacle, because this tiny but mighty blonde ringleader is in your ear, urging you forward with her positivity, strength, and wicked humor. Britt is not just the reason I joined a gym in the first place, she’s the reason I stayed." Vicky Krikelas

“I have not  seen another trainer as raw, authentic, bold and caring as Brittany. You can tell she is one to push it to the limit, be real, make sacrifices and is fun, which makes it inspiring for me to do the same during work outs with her. Since taking classes with her and other training, I have become more comfortable with my body and am pleased with the results.” Dreamy Peckhem